A unique and beautiful beach

The chalet is located on Branscombe Beach in East Devon. This picturesque pebble beach is owned and managed by the National Trust.

It is flanked by the chalk Hooken Cliffs to the east and the red Branscombe mudstone cliffs to the west. As part of the Dorset and East Devon coastline, it boasts the accolade of being part of England’s first Natural Heritage Site, the 95 miles of coastline that represents 185 million years of the Earth’s geology.

Branscombe Beach and its accompanying cliffs is also home to two special insects; the rare, wingless Scaly cricket (Pseudomogoplistes vicentae) which lives on shingle beaches and is only found in two other UK locations, and the UK’s smallest and rarest white butterfly, the wood white (Leptidea sinapis), which usually prefers to dwell in dense woodland.

The beach also hit the headlines in January 2007 when the 62,000 tonne container ship MSC Napoli, which was damaged by storm-force winds, was deliberately grounded in an attempt to stop it breaking up and causing an environmental disaster. Some of the crates the vessel was carrying were washed onto the beach and their contents scavenged by unscrupulous treasure-seekers. In 2008, the ship’s 14 tonne anchor was presented to the people of Branscombe and is now permanently displayed on the beach.

Nestled between the car park and the beach is the Sea Shanty, a thatched, licensed restaurant and tea rooms which specialises in West Country seafood. Diners can enjoy a meal inside or venture to the outside seating where they can enjoy a Devon cream tea while gazing out to sea or admiring the beautiful countryside.

Branscombe Beach
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MSC Napoli anchor